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Terms and Conditions

Livin Standard terms

  1. 1. All the products considered with standard handles unless it is specified.
  2. 2. The wardrobe internal shelfs can be customized as per requirement without any additional cost.
  3. 3. The internal laminate would be off white for all the products.
  4. 4. All the products are considered with normal close hinges / channel unless it is specified.
  5. 5. Each room considered two colour laminates, Matt or high glossy laminates can be selected.
  6. 6. The drawers are considered in below products as value added and other areas would be added on chargeable basis.
  7. a. The Standard 7 feet wardrobe consists of maximum 4 drawers.
  8. b. TV base unit consist maximum 2 drawers.
  9. c. Bedside table consist of maximum 2 drawers.
  10. d. Dresser base unit consist of maximum 2 drawers.
  11. e. Study side storage consist of maximum 1 drawer.
  12. f. Pooja unit consist of maximum 1 drawer .
  13. 7. Once 10% booking amount paid, the designer would be assigned to the project within 4-7 business days based on designer availability.
  14. 8. The exact price of the project will depend on final site measurements, scope of work and change in designs / material / finishes. Based on these revisions, the value may raise or drop
  15. 9. The edge binding would be selected by the designers with closest match, by default PVC edge binding would be provided for the all the finishes ( laminate, acrylic, veneer etc)
  16. 10. Anything which is not specifically spelt in the quote is not considered in our scope of work (SOW). Any oral commitment will not be considered, please ensure all the SOW is captured in the proposal.

Livin Standard terms

Livin guarantees the prices in this proposal for a period of 1 month. Prices may vary when booked beyond this date.

Quoted prices are applicable for this proposal only, any modification may result in a change of prices.

The prices indicated for the Hardware and Accessories are as per the current listed price. These are subject to change based on the price revisions from the manufacturers and subject to availability.

The above quote rates are as per a typical apartment floor plan and there will be variation in the rates as per the final site condition/ /specifications / actual measurements at the site and/or design and finishes selected, increase in scope of work, and/or changes made by you or as per your instruction.

All the product prices, unit rates, offers & discounts agreed upon mutually at the time of sales closure (which is mentioned in the quote) would be valid for the complete project, and further negotiations or offers not be entertained.

The given discounts are applicable only on modulars. All the prices are quoted inclusive of taxes.

Material Specification /Site Description

Dry Areas – MR 303 Grade, 18 mm laminate finish; Green Ply

Wet Areas – BWP 710 grade ply, 18 mm laminate finish; Green Ply

Inner Laminate – 0.8 mm, standard off-white

Colour Laminate – 1 mm thickness Brand: Airolam, Stylam, Dorby

Hardware’s – Hinges, Channel & Minifix from Hettich

Edge binding – REHAU or equivalent

Handles – Standard SS 304 is considered for all the products unless it is specifically mentioned.

Payment mode

1. 10% of the initial quote value to start the design process

2. 45% before production or design sign-off

3. 45% before the dispatch of cabinets from the factory

All payments made at each stage are Non-Refundable.

Delivery Promise

Livin assures 30 days delivery from the date of post-design sign-off and receipt of production payment. Sundays and government holidays are excluded.

The 30-day delivery promise is applicable for 2 / 3 BHK & value not exceeding 12 lacs and it would be applicable for only modular works.

Work Permit

The Second party should arrange all the necessary approvals, permissions & work permits from the builder (if any). In case any security deposit needs to be paid to the builder the same shall be paid by the second party.

Cancellation and Returns

Any non-manufacturing defects and damages post receipt of delivery are not valid for returns or replacements.

Customized and made-to-order furniture, purchased from Livin, cannot be returned or exchanged.

The payments made at each stage are non-refundable. Livin will not entertain any cancellation post starting of the design process. The initial 10% amount can’t be redeemed as any product or service in case of any cancellation.

All payments made at each stage are Non-Refundable.

Penalty clause

Livin assures 30 working days of delivery, the timeline starts from the next day from the date of the Design sign-off meeting & post receipt of payment.

Any delays caused because of the Client’s vendors, Site readiness, Payment delays, Client Selections not completed, Delays caused by the Builder, Client delays in accepting quotations, and other delays because of Client dependencies in the design service days and/ or because of force majeure conditions will not be considered in the delayed days.

In case of delays due to Livin errors, we will pay Rs. 15,000 per month on a pro-rata basis for all the days of delay beyond the handover date after a grace of 1 week.

The penalty will not be more than 5% of the project value. No other compensation will be provided for besides the delay compensation that is stated above.

Livin will not be in default if its failure to perform any obligation is caused by supervening conditions beyond Livin’s reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God, pandemics, epidemics, lockdown, break-down of Livin’s machinery, unexpected shortage or non-availability of raw materials, components or consumables, lockdowns, lock-outs, wars, riots, civil commotion, strikes, or other causes beyond Livin’s reasonable control.

Payment Delay Implication

Delay of payment at any stage of the project will add concurrent days to the project delivery timeline accordingly.

Delay of payment at the time of Dispatch of goods from the factory has the following implications;

a) The project handover date will be recalculated based on the next available dispatch schedule (this may be more than the actual number of days of payment delay).

b) If the delay is more than two weeks, rent will be added for storing the material at our warehouse at Rs.5000/- a week.

c) If the payment is delayed beyond 1 month (one month), which has resulted in storage at the warehouse for an elongated period of time, the warranties towards the material will be reduced by 6 months and on a pro-rata basis until the next available dispatch is scheduled.

Your order will be delivered on or before the assured delivery date. Livin is not responsible for any delay in project implementation due to third-party vendors, pandemic situations, force majeure, or for reasons beyond its control. Changing your order and any unforeseen circumstances may also delay delivery time.

Site Readiness

Design Phase Site Readiness is first evaluated at the time of Signup by Client and commencement of Design phase. For the Livin Interiors Site Survey & Measurement team to carry out the design process, the site should have the following 3 aspects should be completed;

1) Flooring should be completed

2) Walls should be plastered

3) Electrical and plumbing works should be completed

If these tasks are not completed, site readiness is not available and site survey & measurement cannot be undertaken. We will not take measurements if these criteria are not met, as it does not provide the accuracy we demand for design drawings, finalization & furniture manufacturing works to be taken up.

Design Sign-off The below 3 aspects should be completed to proceed with final measurements, design sign-off & start the production process.

For the Livin Site Survey & Measurement team to carry out their work, the site should have the following 3 aspects completed:

1) Flooring should be completed ( including tiles )

2) Walls should be plastered

3) Electrical and plumbing works should be completed

If these tasks are not completed, the site readiness is not complete and the kickoff for the Execution phase cannot be undertaken. We will not be able to undertake the execution and corresponding installation phases of the project if site readiness is not available.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the site is in a condition that is ready for installation and there is no delay or pending work from the builder or the client/ client’s vendors. Final measurements for execution and corresponding Installation works can only be carried out when the site is in a condition ready for installation.

Material / Scope change

Clients can make changes to the scope/materials selected up to the Design Sign-Off stage. Any material changes made post the payment of 55% will incur the cost of the works undertaken and might result in an increase in timelines and generally Livin will not accept any changes after the post-design sign-off meeting.

Materials can be changed with the Clients approval because of:

a) Material unavailability (after earlier confirmation received)

b) If the quality of what was selected by the client changed during procurement

c) Livin is not happy with the quality provided by the vendor

Finish and material selections must be done from the Livin-approved catalog only.

Addon services

Plumbing, countertop, Gas Piping, Appliances, Hob, Chimney, Sink, Taps, Electrical Shifting, Tile Laying, Core Cutting, and Civil Changes are not considered in the quote. These items are quoted separately if needed.

Final Paint to be completed after furniture installation by the Client. It will be quoted separately if required.

Installation Charges for Appliances ( Fan and lights, are not part of the scope unless it is specified in the above quote.

If they are to be accounted for in scope, a separate line item has to be explicitly added with an appropriate estimate.

Floor-covering of your project will be undertaken by Livin based on customer request, before the commencement of works at the site, on a chargeable basis.

Limitation of Liability

In no event will Livin or its affiliates, vendors, or subcontractors be liable to the customer for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential losses, howsoever arising, whether under contract, tort ( including negligence) breach of statutory duty or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such losses?

Livin’s maximum liability in respect of any claim or action arising under or pursuant to this agreement (under any theory of legal liability ) shall be limited to and shall not exceed the price actually paid by the customer to Livin for the relevant products/services which gave rise to the claim.

Force Majeure

Livin will not be in default if its failure to perform any obligation is caused by supervening conditions beyond Livin’s reasonable control, including without limitation, acts of God, pandemics, epidemics, lockdown, break-down of Livin’s machinery, unexpected shortages or

non-availability of raw materials, components, or consumables, lockdowns, lock-outs, wars, riots, civil commotion, strikes, or other causes beyond Livin’s reasonable control.

Livin shall inform the Customer of such conditions with reasonableness and at the earliest and shall strive to make best efforts in order to deliver the Scope as envisaged under this Agreement.

Copy Rights

Designs shared with the client at any stage are the exclusive copyright of Livin Interiors. The designs are shared with the intent that the order for the same is placed and executed by Livin Interiors Any designs shared by Livin Interiors cannot be used, installed, and/ or shared in any way or form without prior and written consent of Livin Interiors. The shared images or designs in the drawings and presentations are representative only. The final Design – drawings provided and approved by the client will be considered final and executed at the site. Warranty

The Works carries a limited warranty of Ten (10) years (“Warranty Period”) for its modular furniture and fittings, hardware & accessories The company shall have the exclusive right to replace the defective product with a design same as the existing one or the design matching closest to it.

If any item is found malfunctioning due to manufacturing defects, the same will be replaced during the warranty period. If the item(s) is found to have malfunctioned due to normal wear & tear, physical damage, continuous water leakage, rusting etc., the cost of replacement will be borne by the customer.

Warranty Policy

The Service Provider/ Company referred to as Livin Interiors is in the business of interior design, manufacturing, site works, décor and decoration, installation of such products/ services, and incidental services related thereto in the specified areas of the Client’s property (services), including but not limited to installation and provision of Third-Party Products (as defined below).

General Provision:

The Company has provided its Services in a professional manner consistent with general industry standards and conformed to the requirements of the Terms & Conditions. Any implied warranty, including but not limited to implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose is hereby waived.

Warranty provided herein (in so far as applicable to Livin) shall be null and void, and Livin shall not be liable in any manner (including relation to damages and expenses that may be incurred by a Client), if:

a) The Client does not grant access to the premises (where the Services are/ were provided), and the opportunity to Livin’s representatives to inspect, correct, or replace the alleged defective and /or damaged items; or

b) The Client has breached the Terms and Conditions in any manner including but not limited to failure on the part of the Client to keep the products in good working condition, unforeseen conditions such as force majeure: fire, storm, earthquake, etc., misuse, normal wear & tear and /or negligence, and Client allowing repair or work on the product by a third party instead of the Livin maintenance team/ Livin certified maintenance vendor

c) The products or furniture have been stored incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, altered, misused, or cleaned with the wrong methods of cleaning or cleaning products or materials.

d) unusual wear and tear, scratches, cuts, or damages caused by impacts or accidents or by abnormal or unintended use of the product or furniture.

e) If products have been placed in a humid environment or if the products have been used for non-domestic purposes or outdoors (unless otherwise stated)

The warranty card or a valid proof of purchase (invoice) must be shown to avail of the warranty. Upon approval of the warranty claim, the product will be repaired or replaced with the same or comparable product with a value not higher than the price of the original product purchased. Due to material and finish variations, the replaced product may not be an exact replica of the installed product, i.e. there may be some variation due to batch differences in laminate, veneer, or any other used material

All modular furniture does not automatically come with a 10-year warranty, each part of the final product has a different warranty unique to the product.

Warranty terms and conditions are fixed, non-negotiable, non-transferable, and only benefit the original purchasers of the product.

Product wise warranty – Woodwork / Ply

This Warranty is a structural warranty that covers delamination, edge-band peeling, bubbles in lamination, and borer-infection. It also covers any Bend more than 8mm, caused due to weather conditions moisture levels in the atmosphere, and termite issues.


Damage to woodwork due to continuous seepage of water/ dampness because of seepage of water from ceiling, flooring, walls, and/or other site conditions is not covered under warranty. Damage due to misuse and negligence by the Client and normal wear and tear will not be covered. Further, notwithstanding anything contained under the Woodwork Warranty, there shall be no warranty for surface damage and/or damage due to scratches in relation to acrylic, high-gloss laminate, duco, PU, and/or veneer.

The Woodwork warranty shall be null and void, and Livin shall not be liable if the damage is due to:

Continuous seepage of water/dampness;

b. Misuse, normal wear and tear; and /or

c. Negligence; and or

The dismantling and shifting is done by any person other than Livin’s qualified and authorized representatives. The decision of Livin in relation to whether the damage is due to seepage/ dampness, misuse, normal wear & tear, and/or negligence (as provided herein) shall be final and binding on the Client.

Important Notice:

Please note that Livin will first attempt to repair the defective or damaged woodwork under the Woodwork Warranty. Only in the event that the Livin (at its sole discretion) decides that the repair is not feasible then it shall replace the defective or damaged woodwork under the Woodwork Warranty. The Client agrees that the decision of the Livin (as provided therein) shall be final and binding

Further, please note that if the Client is required to purchase and install a more valuable material under the Woodwork Warranty, then the Client cannot claim/recover the additional value of the better material.

Product-wise warranty (Non-Woodwork)


All Countertops natural and artificial, specifically granite and engineered stone such as quartz stone, engineered marble, etc. will have 1-year warranty.

The warranty covers any cracks, staining, and leakage during and immediately after installation works by Livin.


The warranty does not cover fading of color and cracks in the stone due to manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover marble, other natural stones such as onyx, sandstone, limestone, slate, etc., and artificial stones such as solid surface stones (also known as Corian), etc.

Hardware: Manufacturer’s warranty on products

Period as defined by the Manufacturers – Up to 10 Yrs

Warranty as per terms given by the specific brands

Exceptions are as per the terms given by the brands.

False Ceiling & False Ceiling installation: Manufacturer’s warranty on products

The warranty covers any damage within the 1 year of installation, which will be repaired by Livin

This does not cover any damage caused by the Client or its agents/representative

Electrical fixtures / Appliances: Manufacturer’s Warranty

Period as defined by the Manufacture

Warranty terms as defined by the manufacturer

Exclusions as defined by the manufacturer

Appliance installation is done by the manufacturer

It is hereby clarified that in the event there is any conflict between the Terms and Conditions contained herein, and the Third Party Warranties, the Third Party Warranties shall prevail. Provided however, Livin is not providing any warranty (express and/ or implied) in relation to the Third Party Products, and shall not be liable in relation thereof. Therefore, the Client’s sole remedy in relation to the Third Party Products lies with the third-party vendors and manufacturers.

Please note that for every new product and/or service offered by Livin, the third Party Warranties extended by the supplier of the new product and/or Livin of the services, as the case be, shall prevail.